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The customer requirements for VVIP and Head of State aircraft are largely unchanged since the beginning. They want comfortable, beautiful airborne environs that echo the homes they live in with all the amenities, style and creature comforts they would expect on the ground. What hasn’t changed unfortunately is the way these projects are conducted. The large mainstay completion centers in both hemispheres still conduct such projects in essentially the same way they did thirty years ago. On the surface the business models employed by these companies may make sense – but the processes have not kept up with other business sectors and are producing a myriad of problems for themselves and the customers they serve; not the least of which are inefficiency, late deliveries and cost overruns. Jeff and Joe Robinson, the founders of Robinson Aerospace, decided fourteen years ago, to enter the market but with a dramatically different vision and forward thinking business model; one that would vastly improve the way large VVIP and Head of State aircraft were completed. They took their cue from the film industry, a business space where a specific project is looked at, assessed and then a perfectly tailored set of assets are brought together to conduct that one project.    LEARN MORE....

Robinson Aerospace offers full service, world class Interior completions - both green and retrofit and provide the full range of services required in taking your project from concept to fly-away. 

Robinson Aerospace will now sharply expand it's business jet operation as a function of the move to Alliance Airport. Now with the state of the art hangar and back shop facility - along with the current Robinson Aircraft Interiors build operation, Business Jet customers will be able to fly straight into Robinson and receive the full range of interior retrofit and refresh services.

Robinson Aerospace also received their 145 Repair Station Certificate and will begin offering the full range of MRO services. Robinson will predominately focus its MRO services on the Business Jet Division as a compatible and parallel service offering to it's business jet customers as those aircraft are undergoing interior refresh or retrofit.

Robinson Aerospace is excited about its MRO Service Division, as it will round out it's offering to Business Jet Customers by bringing everything under one roof at the new Alliance facility.