H I G H -  T E C H    V E N E E R  

Our strategic partnership with Hi Tech Veneers affords our projects - and therefore our customers, a significant advantage over other centers. We have a working partnership with Hi Tech wherein they are an exclusive provider of both the globally harvested veneers themselves and the powerful process that makes their veneer application stand alone in the industry. Hi Tech's founder, Jason Crapo and his team have revolutionized both the veneer product itself and the application process. The process is in fact patented and entirely unique to the industry. It marries the veneer face to a fibrous inner backing that not only retards flame but extinguishes it. And because the fibrous backing organically merges with the woods own fibers - it becomes infinitely more malleable - allowing it to be applied to very sharp radii and in some cases - even compound curves. These qualities make it infinitely easier to certify and apply. Why is this important to you? Because it affords you the choices you want and for us, it provides a more predictable and efficient environment in which to quote and conduct our completions.


R I C H A R D   R O S E M A N   A I R B O R N E   D E S I G N

Our goal is to supply a complete turnkey offering to our customers; from concept to fly-away. We know that often you will come with your own independently retained Designer or Design Studio. In such case where you have not retained such assets, we proudly offer the services of our exclusive design partner, Richard Roseman Airborne Design. RRAD has 27 years of top level design and supervision experience in jets ranging from mid-level busines jets - all the way through the range of narrow and wide-body VVIP and Head of State aircraft. Robinson Aerospace maintains a close working relationship with RRAD and have developed a cohesive joint design integration process that ensures our customers of a smooth ride, by joining Design, Certification, Engineering & Budget way up on the front end of each project . This alliance allows us to offer sharply enhanced schedule and conformity benefits that translate directly to more predictable delivery and budgetary adherence.